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Eloping is a mistake

By August 9, 2021Culture

eloping is a mistakeSome Columbus couples want to avoid family dramas. Some want to save money. And some seek a more intimate experience. Yes, there may be circumstances when eloping makes sense. But for most couples, eloping is a mistake.

Weddings are meant to be shared. It’s a public presentation of your marriage vow before your community before entering into your marriage contract.

Your public marriage is so much better than eloping. Yes, it’s a celebration with the best people in your life, something you miss when you exclude your community. Even more, your public commitment reinforces the solemnity of the occasion and actually strengthens it.

Wedding study

Psychology Today reported on a study that reveals that the more people you invite to your wedding, the less chance you ever have to get divorced. Even more, couples who have larger weddings experience higher marital quality, as the report states:

“Those who reported having more guests at their wedding also reported, on average, higher levels of marital quality—even when we controlled for factors such as educationreligiosity, race, and income.”

A word of warning: although a larger guest list bodes well for your marital future, an expensive wedding doesn’t, according to the study. You have to find the sweet spot in your budget to accommodate your most precious family and friends at your affair, without busting the bank. In other words, wedding debt is bad for newlyweds.

So how do you ensure a memorable, but fun celebration? DJ entertainment is a key component. Columbus Pro DJs is the affordable alternative to expensive bands. And entertainment makes the event for Columbus weddings. We’ll pack the dance floor and create so much fun, that you’ll thank your lucky stars that you didn’t elope. Since eloping is a mistake for most couples, take a quick minute to check on our availability for the celebration of the ages: your wedding.