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Married men live longer, healthier lives

By January 25, 2021Culture

men’s healthColumbus Pro DJs writes about a wide range of wedding-related subjects on this blog, with a special focus on details surrounding your reception and ceremony. We ran across an interesting article on men’s health by the Harvard Medical School (HMS) we thought you’d find interesting, because it’s about the health benefits of marriage.

Marriage seems to have a profound, positive benefit on men’s health. HMS wrote about a huge study on 127,545 American adults.

Married men are healthier than bachelors and divorced and widowed men. These same men also live longer.

And the longer a man stays married, the longer his survival edge over this same group.

Better men’s health begins with stronger hearts for married men, who have a 46% lower death rate than unmarried men.

Interestingly, marriage doesn’t seem to decrease the incidence of cancer, but it definitively enhances outcomes. The University of Miami tracked 143,063 men with cancer. Over a span of 17 years, married men outlived their non-married, divorced, and widowed counterparts substantially, as you can see below:

Cancer survival rates for:

  • Married men:  69 months
  • Separated/widowed men: 38 months
  • Never married men: 49 months

Marriage even helps men’s mental health, reducing the incidence of depression and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

In other words, married love makes our bodies and minds work better. In fact, love simply makes everything better. Even more, song writers tell us, love makes the world go round. (As DJs who specialize in providing dance-floor-packing wedding entertainment, we always feel a need to slip a song into the conversation! Hope you don’t mind!)

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We’ll leave you with the late, great Deon Jackson’s hit song from 1966, “Love Makes the World Go Round.”