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Here’s what will probably go wrong at your wedding, and how to avoid it

By November 25, 2019Wedding planning

flawless wedding

A flawless wedding is your goal. You want your wedding dreams realized. It probably won’t happen, and yet it is so easy to achieve. Here are the types of snafus that are common at Columbus wedding receptions:

• Vendors are disorganized
• Timing is off
• Your guests get impatient waiting for you to arrive from the church
• Your guests don’t like your reception music
• Guests either can’t hear or have their ear drums blasted out since sound isn’t balanced
• No one dances
• No one has fun
• Your guests leave early

Have any of these happened to you?

Soak in this list. You’ve most likely experienced one or more of these problems at weddings you’ve attended in recent years.

The key to avoiding this mess is to be sure to utilize a professional DJ company at your reception with several hundred wedding receptions under their belt.

Don’t cut corners in the wrong place

Too many couples try to cut corners and go with the cheapest quote from a novice DJ or use a friend to play some tunes at the wedding reception. Everything that can go wrong usually does. Revisit the list above for a partial list of problems that await you.

But with a company like Columbus Pro DJs at your reception, a flawless wedding can be realized.

For starters, we coordinate the flow of your reception with other vendors. We’ve been around the block and have established a professional rapport with leading wedding vendors.

We are more than a DJ

Columbus Pro DJs are more than basic button-pushing DJs, we offer talented MCs with broadcast quality voices and knows how to flawlessly announce pivotal moments at your celebration, such as introductions, toasts, cake-cutting, and formal dances.

Caterers, photographers, and wedding planners love the way we make the timing of your event so easy and so flawless.

We’ll pack the dance floor!

Unlike your friends, we know how to read your guests and engage them in the fun of your wedding reception. We can coax even shy guests to the dance floor in a fun, natural way that ensures your event rocks.

Our equipment is top-of-the-line. You and your guests will enjoy clear, balanced sound that fills your hall without drowning out conversation.

Don’t worry if your photographer takes too long

If your photographer takes a little too long taking photographs of you at the church following your ceremony, don’t worry. We can play fabulous cocktail hour music to entertain your guests until you make your grand entrance. And what an entrance it will be!

We have just the right music and MC skills to turn this opportunity into an epic moment for fun.

Entertainment makes the event, but the wrong entertainment has a knack for undoing your wedding dreams.

For an upscale, flawless wedding, contact Columbus Pro DJs. We offer beautiful packages for any budget. Get ready for packed dance floors! Get ready to have your wedding dreams fulfilled!